Knowledge of educational psychology for teachers

Knowledge of educational psychology for teachers

Skinner had defined Educational Psychology as that branch of Psychology which dells with teaching & learning”.

The above definition itself suggests that Educational. Psychology had close linked with educational process.

Nowadays education is being child centered. Child or the student is put at the centre of the whole educational system. Knowledge of educational psychology develops a wider outlook of the teacher towards the educational system. As a whole Educational Psychology-provides enough guidance to the teacher to deal with the problems related education system, educational environment etc. Educational Psychology is an applied branch of Psychology which deals with the problems &challenges especially of the field of Education. Therefore knowledge of Education Psychology is highly essential for the teacher.

According to Teacher Training Programme, the knowledge of the Educational Psychology can be helpful to the teacher in following ways

  1. A) Maintaining classroom Environment.
  2. B) Maintaining Discipline
  3. C) Improving Teaching Methods,
  4. D) Evaluation techniques
  5. E) Profession of teacher demand knowledge of Psychology
  6. A) Maintaining classroom Environment: Learning process or educational atmosphere is very important aspect of the educational system. Education should not be the burden on the minds of children; it should be the enjoyable easy process. It is responsibility of the teachers to create such a healthy, positive atmosphere in the classroom. The knowledge at educational psychology equips teacher with various modern techniques that he can create a suitable climate for the better learning experiences.
  7. B) Maintaining Discipline: Maintaining Discipline is considered as a highly essential part of the classroom management. But teacher should see that discipline should be adequate enough for proper function & working of the classroom teaching. Over discipline hampers the dialogue between teachers & students, as students being feared to talk to teacher even. Discipline must not create such gap between educator & student. Educational Psychology helps teacher to maintain good discipline in the class room without disturbing classroom climate.
  8. C) Improving Teaching Methods: Now a days the educational system demand more involvement of the child in the teaching learning process. Knowledge of educational Psychology provides guidance to the teacher to plan perfect curriculum & co-curricular activities.
  9. D) To understand the principles of Evolution:Evaluation is an integral pad of the teaching. The whole education system revolves around the Evaluation process. How to test the potential of the child depends upon the evaluation technique. With the help of the Psychology teacher can select exact & appropriate device for the evaluation. Teacher can himself use different psychological test for evolution of the child such as attitudinal aptitudes scale, IQ test etc.
  10. E) Profession of teacher demand knowledge of Psychology:Teacher is considered as the role model by the students so he should be sympathetic, nurturing, good hearted, well mannered person. Knowledge of Psychology tells teacher ail the expectation from him by his profession & from his students.

Teacher can identify any problem case: If there is any problem child in the classroom, Teacher will be sympathetic to him& provide problem child a helping hand. The teacher having knowledge of Psychology can identify the problem child, also can find out the reason behind it may be family background, problem or other& tries to solve it by providing the child with proper guidance & counseling.