Development of the Self Concept

Development of the Self Concept

We are not born with the ability to u stand ourselves. The younger child is not even conscious of himself as an individual; he is merely, a part of the environment. For post youth the development of self understanding is a slow and relatively unconsciousness process involving some degree of emotional maturity and readiness. It requires more than the collection of data about oneself. It calls for the ability to interpret these data in terms of self and environment. The individual must come to see himself as he is in comparison with what he wants to be That is, he should have a dear and realistic self concept, his surroundings, his obligations and opportunities.

Self concept is not related to age. A realistic self concept that is accurate selfunderstanding is not attained at any given age. Some attains it early youth, some later, and some never at all. An accurate self-concerts; usually begin to appear in early adolescent, becoming clearer with growth and competenceso that it is translated into terms of life work in later adolescence or early maturity. For a limited few the life concept is fairly cl6ar at graduation from high school or even before, with others it may not come until after a clear or more in college, or even until entering an occupation.

Rote of teacher in developing self-concept by Teacher Training Programme.

If an individual is to make choices that are wise, he must understand himself, his needs and the choices available to him. High school students are at that age when many important psychological and emotional changes are taking place, and it is no wonder that they do not always understand themselves. It is at this time that understanding and sympathetic teacher can help the student to accept his new and troublesome desires and attitudes.

In helping the student to understand himself, one must take great care that he does not develop the habit of morbid (sickly, horribly, disgusting) introspection to ‘The-extent that he either becomes the centre of everything, – most important  person in his world — or shrinks In importance so much that he feels worthless to himself to others. Either result will make it impossible for him to assess correctly his abilities and aptitudes and will defeat his attempts to reach emotional maturity.

Measurement of self understanding

Autobiography, interview, rating scales, checklist are the tools to measure the spit concept. Such devices are useful in helping the individual to develop an understanding of him which is essential for adjustment and for the solution of personal problems. While it is difficult, even for an adult to attain a complex understanding of himself, it is still more difficult for an adolescent for in the period of his life he is experiencing many crises and is often a stranger to himself. He is a strange mixture of boy and man. The entire direction of the future depends upon choices that are made and wise choices are made by the degree to which he understands himself. Wise counsel by sympathetic and understanding teachers and counsellors can be of great help at this time.