Steps for Checking the Growing Indiscipline among the Students

Steps for Checking the Growing Indiscipline among the Students

Measures for Restoring Lost Leadership of Teachers

The salaries of the teachers must be raised to ameliorate their economic lot. High salaries are bound to attract right type of persons to the teaching profession. The social status of the teachers should be raised. Refresher courses and seminars should be organised to enable them to know the current educational thought and practices.

Holiday homes should be established so that with moderate expenditures,, they are in a position to enjoy their holidays.

Measures to Improve the Economic Lot of the Students by Early Childhood Care and Education

A large number of scholarships and stipends should be given to the nefarious students who economically. The state should take steps to supply tiffin to school children belonging to poor families at nominal prices.

Another means of helping needy students would be to employ them in improving amenities in schools.

It must be admitted that the economic difficulties of the students cannot be removed overnight or in isolation from the rest of the society.

Measure to Remove Defects in the Existing System of Education by Nursery Primary Teacher Training

Change in tire Curriculum: Far reaching changes in the structure of curriculum is needed. Secondary education should be diversified to meet the varying needs of the adolescents.

Provision of Co-Curricular Activities: Steps should be taken to provide youthful activities in the educational institutions. Various co-curricular activities like scouting, self-government, social service programme offer excellent opportunities of developing character and citizenship. These provide them many outlets through which they can utilise their time and energy. “The problem of discipline must be looked at from the point of view of proper utilisation of the abundant energy of youth. If youthful urges and energy are canalized and fields are found which will utilize all their enthusiasm and devotion, there will be little occasion to impose restriction from-above. Discipline must be achieved by giving proper direction to the energy of the youth and not by suppression,” observes Maulana Azad.

Change in the System of Examinations: The students should: be made to work throughout the year. This calls for a radical change in the examination system. The work for a student should be assessed after taking into account the record of his achievement throughout the year.

Better Methods of Teaching: Our methods of teaching should also undergo a great transformation. The students should be made active partners and not passive listeners.

Free from Public Politics: Students and teachers should keep aloof from politics and the political leaders should make it a point not to exploit the students for the furtherance of their political ends.

Change in Values: If humanity is to survive, materialistic conception of life must give way to spiritual values. If we are to revive a spirit of idealism among students, we must create a favourable social atmosphere based on higher values of life. Moral education in one or the miler form must form an integral part d our educational system.

A review of the above would show that there is much which a school can do independently for raising the tone of discipline among the students and the teachers have an important part to play to achieve this end.