Role of Headmaster in Academic Supervision

Role of Headmaster in Academic Supervision

Model Teaching

The headmaster is the head of teachers. He should be the teacher first and then everything else. He should take some classes give guidance to teachers and see that teaching work and standard in the school is not impaired in any way. He should command respect and play a leadership role only by making himself good in teaching and better in knowledge and understanding the teachers and students. He should have skills, interest, and a positive attitude towards academic activities. By doing this he comes to know the standard of the pupils in different classes. He discovers the standard of teaching of various subjects by the teacher. He comes in contact with his pupils and establishes relationship with them. He understands the difficulties of the students and the teachers. Above all when he himself teaches, he sets an ideal before the teachers and acts as source of inspiration for them.

It is, however, found that many headmasters keep themselves so much engaged in administrative and non-academic work that they do not spare time for academic and teaching activities. They thus become the administrative head, not the academic head that is more essential than anything else. They should review the standards of students and teaching g work of teachers, their problems and difficulties, so that they can render necessary guidance for improving the conditions.

Supervision of the Teaching Work

According to Early Childhood Education Courses the headmaster should supervise the teaching work done by the teachers regularly and in actual situations. Sometimes he may be required to demonstrate through teaching any difficult point or concept. He should discuss any defects found in teaching of a teacher in his own office room, and not in the classroom in the presence of students. How attitude should be friendly and cooperative. He should instruct way of guidance and suggestions.

The headmaster should also supervise the work of students. He may prepare a schedule according to which the monitors will submit the notebooks of students to the headmaster. He should give his brief regarding the nature and extent of correction and suggestions for improving the standard and neatness.

Supervision of welfare activities

The headmaster should supervise various student welfare activities such as scholarships, midday meal programmes, supply of textbooks, uniform, medical inspection etc. Other welfare facilities at the school level include water facility, toilet facility, and cycle stand and so on.

Supervision of examination work

Examination work is a great task, which should be performed with great care. The headmaster should do the following with great care. N.T.T. Nursery Teacher Training advises to appoint a committee of teachers to look after unit tests and terminal examinations and tabulation of marks. Check backward students who are not faring we lint eh examination and discuss their problem in the staff meetings. Periodically arrange parents meeting and send progress cards of students to the parents. All examination records and registers shall be maintained carefully by the teachers concerned. Supervisions of co-curricular activities. The headmaster has to supervise a comprehensive co-curricular activities programmed.