Objectives and Scope of Counselling

Objectives and Scope of Counselling

Counselling involves a relationship between a professionally trained, competent counsellor and an individual seeking help. The main objectives as per the educators of NTT Nursery Teacher Training Course of counselling are as follows:

  1. Achievement of Positive Mental Health: An individual is said to mental when he is able to relate have positive meaningfully with others and leads a fulfilling life. He this state is able to love and be loved. The objective of counselling is to help the individual to attain
  2. Problem Resolution: Another objective of counselling is to help the individual to come out of a difficult situation or problem. It must be remembered that the individual is only assisted and he himself finds solution of theproblems.
  3. Counselling for Decision-making: Ability to make right and timely decisions is crucial for success in life. An important objective ofcounselling is to make individualcapable of making independent decisions.
  4. Improving Personal Effectiveness: As effective person is one who is able to control impulses, think in creative ways and has the competence to recognise, define and solve problems. It can be seen that these different goals are not exclusive. These are all interdependent and overlapping.
  5. Help Change: An important objective of counselling is to bring change for development. Counselling helps individual to make changes in attitudes, perceptions or personality.
  6. Behaviour Modification: Another objective of counselling is to help in modifying behaviour. Removal of undesirable behaviour or self-defecting behaviour and learning desirable behaviour is considered necessary for attaining effectiveness and good adjustment.

Scope of Counselling:Counselling is a part of guidance, so it has also the same dimensions of scope as guidance. Beside these, counselling as a specialised programme has some special needs also. Problems and needs in society are not new. But today they seem to be proliferating at an unprecedented rate. Counselling is required to solve a variety of social problems. Counselling is necessary in different areas like Juvenile delinquency, Marriage, Weaker sections, Disadvantaged groups, Drug addiction etc. Scope of counselling is very vast. It is concerned with various problems and progress of an individual for example the planning relating to financial and health problems, problems related to family, society and emotional adjustments.

Pre primary Teacher Training feels that the scope of counselling depends upon the nature of the problem complexity of treatment and the competence of the counsellor. The scope of counselling has become very broad due to the nature of problems the society is facing. We are facing a number of problems at our home, school and society; still we can go ahead with proper planning. We can face the changes and challenges with proper planning needs proper guidance. So the need of guidance is the need of the hour.

Counselling is a personal and dynamic relationship between two individuals an older, more experienced and wiser (counsellor) and a younger, less wise (counsel). The latter has a problem for which he seeks the help of the former. The two work together so that the problem may be more clearly defined and the counsel may be helped to a self determined solution.