Limitations of Dramatization

Limitations of Dramatization

  1. Lack of Knowledge in the Art of Dramatization – Dramatization requires some technical knowledge. Every teacher does not possess it. This technique should, therefore, be employed only by those who have some knowledge about it, Children have potentiality to act. They can imitate the actions when they see a play. Therefore they can perform also, although there can be some infirmities in their acting. It is the role of the teacher to regulate and guide the students.
  2. Indiscipline –The second argument which is given is related to indiscipline because some people feel that there will hardly be discipline in the class. But then it can be very well argued that the discipline is entirely a matter which is related to the teacher. If the teacher is able to control the class then there won’t be any problem.
  3. Economic Limitations – According to Teacher Courses in Mumbai implementation of the technique of dramatization requires money. Several institutions are not rich enough to provide so much of money for the teaching of one subject.
  4. Problem of Dialogues – In employing this technique it is necessary to have good dialogues. Writing of good dialogues requires aptitude as well as time. It is not possible for every teacher of history to do it successfully. But the argument which can be given against it is that if teacher begins to find out the solution for such problems then gradually such books will also be gradually published.
  5. Dearth of Time – Dearth – of time poses hindrance in this experiment. Some people feel that dramatization is ad time consuming activity. It is not possible for school administration to spare so much of time for one particular subject. This can also be argued not by saying that dramatization is also a method of teaching much like any other method of teaching. We are not supposed to teach all the topics through this method


  1. Under this method the learning situations are-artificial. Pupil-teacher fails to present its real form
  2. It cannot be used for developing specific teaching skills.
  3. Sufficient time is not available for such a work.
  4. Costumes, dress etc. may require for Drama.

Suggestions given by Early Childhood Education:

  1. The pupil-teacher should be properly briefed by the teacher so that they may get fully acquainted with the strategy.
  2. The supervisor must remain present during teaching and discussion. The whole exercise must be rehearsed under proper guidance before the pupil-teaches- actually goes for the desired performance in the class room.
  3. The supervisor should encourage the pupil-teacher and inspire him/her. Limitations of the method apart, it is brought into practice, and it dots prove useful. It gives a lot of courage to the pupil-teacher to come forward. It develops self-confidence in the pupil– teacher. Some modifications may be made from time to time, but it must be continued. Practice is better than percept.
  4. Moral Development provides education in suitable and interesting manner. Students try to emulate the personalities they enact. They come to know much about the moral values of such person.