Concept of Personality & Self Concept

The modern aim of education is the wholesome, balanced or harmonious development of personality. Thus personality is the apex & curse of psychology & education. AU knowledge of psychology &education is ultimately related to understanding or development of personality.

Meaning by Early Childhood Courses– The word “personality” has been derived from the Latin word 15ersonae’ which means ‘to sound through his term was used to describe the voice of an actor speaking through may personality it is now generally meant that if is the organization & integration a large number-of human trails. The concepts of personality differ widely among different people. Some people consider that personality is that something with which an individual is born which remains unaffected by environmental influences & which permeates all his actions.


Warren defines personality as the entire mental organization of a human being at any stage of his development.

Rexroad explains personality as the balance between socially approved traits.

Types of personality: – Personality type means classification of an individual according to the pattern of his behaviour tendencies. Jung classified individuals into extrovert, introvert & ambivert.

A defence mechanism is one through the adoption by which can individual tends to defend his anxieties & inadequacies in life. It is sort of escapism from the realities of the situation for a ‘while’ or on temporary basis guilty feeling.

Qualities of introvert by N.T.T. Nursery Teacher Training

1) Lack of activity: – introverts are people who fear to start any activity on their own, they always avoid taking risks & never d anything independently.

2) Reserved: – Into are shy, centred hence they are very reserved & do not mingle much with other people. They do not like to take anything or ask anything from anyone, they do all their work on their own.

3) Submissive attitude: –They have the tendency to accept everything that comes their way. Example – An introvert accepts all the work assigned to him by his supervisor.

4) Not coot & passionate: – They are less social & less adventurers & thus not always popular in the group. They consider any activity assigned to them as a burden & responsibility, they are not passionate about their work or activity they have undertaken.

5) Lacks flexibility: – Introverts follows a rigid lifestyle, they lack flexibility in thoughts, actions & attitudes.

6) Keeps his feeling to himself: – since they are less social they do not share their feeling with any one not even to their family members.

7) Not popular: – Since their social interaction is very much restricted & they neither interfere in others activities they are less popular in the social circle.

8) Worried:- Introverts always shows signs of worries.

9) Careful of aliments & belongings:- They are very cautious about their belongings, they take at most care of their health & their valuables, they don’t trust anyone & anything.

10) Moulds reality to his ideas:-They usually think a lot & hence are able to turn their ideas into realities.

11) Optimistic: – They are less optimistic in nature arid, never allows the pessimist ‘ & negative thoughts should come in their mind.