Nature of forgetting

Inability of an individual to bring to a conscious plane a thing remembered, is forgetting. Forgetting is a natural process. According to psycho-analysts, forgetting is natural process. According to psycho-analysts, forgetting is a way of saving oneself from unpleasant experiences. There is a relationship between the amount of forgetting and learning and the duration between Read more about Nature of forgetting[…]


Teacher Education Training states that a crowd is the most temporary and unstable social group and has no specific structure or organisation, it is just a collection of people who have been drawn together by a momentary excitement of an instinct like that of curiosity or sympathy. As long as the members are together, they think, Read more about Crowd[…]

Classroom dynamics

After discussing the classroom as a group, structure of a group and interaction in the classroom, we are now in a position to understand the term classroom dynamics. The word dynamics is borrowed from natural sciences. It is a branch of physics dealing with matter in motion. In terms of classroom interaction it can be Read more about Classroom dynamics[…]

Crime Victims with Disabilities

Most issues that confront crime victims with disabilities are issues that affect all crime victims. They include under reporting of crimes; a lack of responsiveness from law or prosecutors based on a perceived lack of credibility on the part of the victim; repeated victimization; lack of effective, appropriate services, physical or social isolation of the Read more about Crime Victims with Disabilities[…]

Objective of Transactional Analysis

Ego states: According to online training courses, people interact with each other from one of the three psychological positions, or behavioural patterns, known as ego states. Thus ego states are a person’s way of thinking, feeling, and behaving at any time. The ego states are: Parent Ego: The parent ego state incorporates the attitudes and Read more about Objective of Transactional Analysis[…]

Role of Teacher in Counselling

Teacher’s support and participation is crucial to any programme that involves students, and the school guidance programme is of exception. The teacher’s role in school guidance programme is as follows the first line of contact between the student and guidance programme. Identification of problem of talented and gifted students. Setting up and maintenance of Career Read more about Role of Teacher in Counselling[…]

Kinds of Thinking

Thinking may be of many kinds, such as, reveries, controlled association, reasoning, conceptual thinking, imagination, day-dreams, night-dreams, creative thought and so on. These various kinds of thinking are not separate and distinct but grade into one another. The material made use of in all types of thinking is of the same kind and hence, it Read more about Kinds of Thinking[…]

Types of learning curves

Definition of ‘Learning Curve’ A concept that describes how new skills or knowledge can be quickly acquired initially, but subsequent learning becomes much slower. At first, a minimal investment of resources yields significant results, but the payback from continuing effort is smaller. According to Montessori teacher training the concept of a learning curve is important Read more about Types of learning curves[…]

The Concept and Factors of Learning

Meaning, Definitions & Characteristics Meaning of Learning: Learning, in psychology, is the process by which a relatively lasting change in potential behaviour occurs as a result of practice or experience. Learning is distinguished from behavioural changes arising from such processes as maturation and illness, but does apply to motor skills, such as driving a car, Read more about The Concept and Factors of Learning[…]

Skills of Narration

Narration Narration is an intellectual activity; in teaching there are certain concepts, ideas or phenomenon which needs further clarification in a more detailed way. Knowledge of skill of narration is very important for a teacher so that he can narrate the ideas in a very systematic and meaningful manner. In subjects like history, literature, civics, Read more about Skills of Narration[…]