Merits of Part-Method

Merits of Part-Method It is very easy for a child to learn a small part at once because it requires less time and effort. Immediate success gives encouragement to the child and adds to his satisfaction.Now he feels pleasure in attempting the other parts and embracing the sure success. Merits of Part-Method A thing taken Read more about Merits of Part-Method[…]

Nursery Teachers Training

Nursery Teachers Training

Nursery Teachers Training Nursery Teachers Training has categorized duties and also function of teacher. They are as follows: Planning:  Before proceeding with actual teaching work and class management, a teacher should plan thoroughly the following items: (i) He should plan the curriculum as a whole, the syllabus in the subjects, he teaches, divides the syllabus Read more about Nursery Teachers Training[…]

Concept of mental health – fostering mental health

Concept of mental health – fostering mental health In his book Mental Hygiene in Public Health. P.V. Lewan defines mentally healthy individual is one who is himself satisfied, lives peacefully with his neighbours, makes healthy citizenship role. “Mental health is the adjustment of human beings to the world and to each other with a maximum Read more about Concept of mental health – fostering mental health[…]


A SOCIOGRAM According to Montessori Training, the feelings of the children are taken into consideration in organising work, study groups and play groups among the children of the class. One simple sociometric method of estimating the child’s likes and dislikes and feelings about his classmates is illustrated here. Let us take a hypothetical cause of Read more about A SOCIOGRAM[…]

Transactional Analysis

  Transactional Analysis Transactional analysis refers to a method of analysing and understanding interpersonal behaviour. When people interact, there is social transaction in which one person responds to another. The study of these transactions between people is called Transactional Analysis. Structure of personality given by Montessori Course Online: (a) Depending on the understanding of the Read more about Transactional Analysis[…]

Directive Approach to Counselling

Directive Approach to Counselling As the name itself this approach envisages a more active role for the counsellor. The counsellor employs varying degrees of direction to help the counselee to reach sound solutions. Also through his specialised knowledge and experience inscientific diagnosis and interpretation of data, counselees are helped to reach earlier solutions for their Read more about Directive Approach to Counselling[…]

Counselling Theories

Counselling Theories Adlerian Theory: One theory the counsellor plans to use in her practice is Adlerian theory, developed by Alfred Adler. Adler developed the first holistic approach to therapy. “According to Early Childhood Care & Education, when we feel encouraged, we feel capable and appreciated and will generally act in a connected and cooperative way. Read more about Counselling Theories[…]

Anecdotal Record

Anecdotal Record An anecdotal record is the result of observation the use behaviour of the student in a particular situation. It understands of student because the teacher may forget down to observe? What to observe? A pre-Performa is supplied to each teacher to note down student observation. It contains date, place, incident and remarks on Read more about Anecdotal Record[…]

Time-Table in Single or Double Teacher School

Time-Table in Single or Double Teacher School The construction of time-table for a single or double teacher school presents special difficulties. In that case one teacher has to teach two, three or even four classes at the same time-and in the same room. The difficulties increase in proportion to the number of classes a teacher Read more about Time-Table in Single or Double Teacher School[…]

Steps or Process of learning

Steps or Process of learning Motivation: All learning is a response to some sort of stimulus. An individual experiences, drive to satisfy a need and hence moves in a particular direction. Learning will depend upon the strength of the motives. An example given by Nursery Teacher Training: A person wants to lean a new language Read more about Steps or Process of learning[…]