Anger in kids

Anger and fear in certain respects, are rather closely related. In the first place they are both ‘emergency’ responses of the unpleasant variety and consequently involve very similar patterns of change in physiological, processes, changes designed to prepare the organism for immediate, strenuous, overt activity. Sometimes both these emotions are aroused simultaneously and by the Read more about Anger in kids[…]


The problem of having economy in memorizing something has persuaded many psychologists to devise various methods of memorization. All these methods aim to point out the way of utilizing the available time in the most advantageous manner. Early Childhood Education Course describes below some of the methods: Recitation method: In this method the learner first reads Read more about ECONOMICAL METHODS OF MEMORIZATIONOF REMEMBERING[…]


The chub is a comparatively more permanent social group. The members are brought together not by any momentary excitement, but by common sentiments and interests. For example, an interest in science or music may draw several individuals together and they form their own clubs. The members have a common purpose. Each one seeks to develop Read more about Club[…]

Disability Community of Crisis Intervention

Violence may be defined differently for many people with disabilities. An example given by Teacher Training Distance Learning, the withholding of a wheelchair, thus forcing a person to slide along the floor, might be considered an act of violence. Hi that regard, it is important to note that many acts of criminal violence committed against Read more about Disability Community of Crisis Intervention[…]

Benefits and Uses of Transactional Analysis

Developing Positive Thinking: Transactional analysis is applied to bring positive actions from people because transactional analysis brings positive approach towards life and hence positive actions. According to online nursery teacher training transactional analysis brings a clear change from negative feelings— confusion, defeat, fear, frustration, loneliness; pessimism, and suppression to positive feelings — clear thinking, victory, Read more about Benefits and Uses of Transactional Analysis[…]

Essentials of an Effective Counsellor

A counsellor is a person who provides counsel to a—other person who is   usually in some position of need or requires help. As a verb,   the   word counsel can mean: “to   give guidance” or “to   give   advice”. Most counsellors realize their role is less about giving advice, as advice tends to be ignored, and more Read more about Essentials of an Effective Counsellor[…]

Nature of forgetting

Inability of an individual to bring to a conscious plane a thing remembered, is forgetting. Forgetting is a natural process. According to Teachers Training, forgetting is a way of saving oneself from unpleasant experiences. There is a relationship between the amount of forgetting and learning and the duration between learning and recalling. Ebhinghous carried out Read more about Nature of forgetting[…]

Objectives and Scope of Counselling

Counselling involves a relationship between a professionally trained, competent counsellor and an individual seeking help. The main objectives as per the educators of NTT Nursery Teacher Training Course of counselling are as follows: Achievement of Positive Mental Health: An individual is said to mental when he is able to relate have positive meaningfully with others and Read more about Objectives and Scope of Counselling[…]

Types of Standardised Techniques Tests

According to Early Childhood Diploma there are four types of standardised test. These include achievement interest, aptitude and personality testing. Aptitude Tests: Aptitude test measures the potential of one to achieve in a given activity or to learn to achieve in that activity. Aptitude test may be potentially used by counsellor and others because: (a) Read more about Types of Standardised Techniques Tests[…]

The Role of the Counsellor in the Education of the Talented

The role of the counsellor in the promotion of talent can be important. The counsellor with his detailed knowledge in each talented student is in a unique potion to formulate a programme of enrichment for him and to suggest the necessary modifications in curricular and extra-curricular requirements. Where special counsellors are not available, this task Read more about The Role of the Counsellor in the Education of the Talented[…]