Concept of Formation and Time and Space

Concepts are important because they determine what one knows and believes and, to a large extent, what one does. Understanding is based on concepts. Concepts are not direct sensor data, instead, they result from the elaboration and combination, they tying together, or linking of discrete sensory experiences. Concepts are symbolic in that they depend upon Read more about Concept of Formation and Time and Space[…]

Common Emotions Expressed by Kids

Love and Affection It is an emotional reaction directed toward person, an animal or a thing. It indicates warm regard friendliness, sympathy or helpfulness it may take physical or verbal form. An infant welcomes the experience of being held and fondled. He learns to have affection for his parents or those who care for him Read more about Common Emotions Expressed by Kids[…]

Anger in kids

Anger and fear in certain respects, are rather closely related. In the first place they are both ‘emergency’ responses of the unpleasant variety and consequently involve very similar patterns of change in physiological, processes, changes designed to prepare the organism for immediate, strenuous, overt activity. Sometimes both these emotions are aroused simultaneously and by the Read more about Anger in kids[…]

Children with Special Needs

Meaning of exceptional children According to pre-primary teachers training“an exceptional child is that child who deviates from the averages or normal child is mental, physical or social characteristics to such an extent that he requires a modification of school practices or special educational service in order to develop to his maximum capacity”.  This definition says Read more about Children with Special Needs[…]

Children’s Literature

An important part of the curriculum consists of experiences with language as well as communication with others. The preschool teacher needs to talk with children and to give them opportunity to talk with her about their experiences. Children from culturally disadvantaged homes seem to be handicapped in school to a great extent because of their Read more about Children’s Literature[…]

Mathematics Correlation with Other Subjects

Mathematics and English: According to Montessori Training One of the platitudes of educational theory is that “Every teacher is a teacher of English”; but the emotive and appreciative aspects of English are sometimes overlooked by the teacher of Mathematics who assumes that he is assisting the whole duty of the teacher of English by demanding Read more about Mathematics Correlation with Other Subjects[…]

Teacher Training Mumbai

Teacher Training Mumbai

Teacher Training Mumbai Distance Learning has explained some of the activities and also they are as follows: Creating Confidence: Giving support to those who lack confidence, assuring the timid ones, not rejecting but redirecting an answer. Helping to locate answers, giving chance to elaborate ideas and to relate own experiences, etc. Teacher Training Mumbai courses Read more about Teacher Training Mumbai[…]