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Interface between Individual and Group Counselling

Early Childhood Care and Education has given below several advantages of Group counselling : (a) It is economical in many ways. In group counselling a large number of individuals are helped at the same time by a counsellor. This saves money and time. (b) It helps individuals to socialise their attitudes, habits and judgements. (c) Read more about Interface between Individual and Group Counselling[…]

Directive Approach to Counselling

As the name itself this approach envisages a more active role for the counsellor. The counsellor employs varying degrees of direction to help the counselee to reach sound solutions. Also through his specialised knowledge and experience inscientific diagnosis and interpretation of data, counselees are helped to reach earlier solutions for their problems. According to early Read more about Directive Approach to Counselling[…]

Essentials of an Effective Counsellor

A counsellor is a person who provides counsel to a—other person who is   usually in some position of need or requires help. As a verb,   the   word counsel can mean: “to   give guidance” or “to   give   advice”. Most counsellors realize their role is less about giving advice, as advice tends to be ignored, and more Read more about Essentials of an Effective Counsellor[…]

Role of Teacher in Counselling

Teacher’s support and participation is crucial to any programme that involves students, and the school guidance programme is of exception. The teacher’s role in school guidance programme is as follows the first line of contact between the student and guidance programme. Identification of problem of talented and gifted students. Setting up and maintenance of Career Read more about Role of Teacher in Counselling[…]

School Guidance and Counselling

The guidance and counselling of student integral component of the educational mission of the school. Guidance and counselling services and programs promote the personal/social, educational, and career development of all students. Information for Schools, Students and Families: In the school setting, school counsellors, like all school stag have a set his responsibilities that define their Read more about School Guidance and Counselling[…]

Theory on Depression

Depression can occur due to various issues in a clients life, including relationship issues, feeling little self worth due to not being able to find meaning in their life, or losing a loved one just to name a few. According to nursery teacher training courses other causes of depression may be “pessimistic thinking, a lack of Read more about Theory on Depression[…]

Role of Theories with Clients

This counsellor believes that blending Adlerian theory and behavioural theory will be a successful for her clients. An example given by Teacher Courses in Mumbai, a person who has suffered from depression their whole lives can find through Adlerian theory where her depression stems from and the behavioural theory can help the client to change Read more about Role of Theories with Clients[…]

Counselling Theories

Adlerian Theory: One theory the counsellor plans to use in her practice is Adlerian theory, developed by Alfred Adler. Adler developed the first holistic approach to therapy. “According to Early Childhood Care & Education, when we feel encouraged, we feel capable and appreciated and will generally act in a connected and cooperative way. When we Read more about Counselling Theories[…]

Nature of forgetting

Inability of an individual to bring to a conscious plane a thing remembered, is forgetting. Forgetting is a natural process. According to Teachers Training, forgetting is a way of saving oneself from unpleasant experiences. There is a relationship between the amount of forgetting and learning and the duration between learning and recalling. Ebhinghous carried out Read more about Nature of forgetting[…]


Teacher Training has already discussed earlier the fundamental processes of sensation and perception through which we acquire the knowledge of the world. Besides these processes, there is another important process namely image formation and imagining. Imagination may be defined conveniently as mental manipulation. This process involves the recall of past experiences in the form of Read more about Imagination[…]

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