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Concept of Mental Health Fostering Mental Health at Home and School

Mental health can and should be a lived experience for teachers and pupils. The teacher’s part is greater in mental health education than in physical health education because some of the mental health problems are caused by school situations and others are aggravated by school conditions. They can help to establish a therapeutic environment for Read more about Concept of Mental Health Fostering Mental Health at Home and School[…]

Concept of mental health – fostering mental health at home and school

In his book Mental Hygiene in Public Health. P.V. Lewan defines mentally healthy individual is one who is himself satisfied, lives peacefully with his neighbours, makes healthy citizenship role. “Mental health is the adjustment of human beings to the world and to each other with a maximum of effectiveness and happiness. It is the ability Read more about Concept of mental health – fostering mental health at home and school[…]


The chub is a comparatively more permanent social group. The members are brought together not by any momentary excitement, but by common sentiments and interests. For example, an interest in science or music may draw several individuals together and they form their own clubs. The members have a common purpose. Each one seeks to develop Read more about Club[…]

Classroom dynamics

After discussing the classroom as a group, structure of a group and interaction in the classroom, we are now in a position to understand the term classroom dynamics. The word dynamics is borrowed from natural sciences. It is a branch of physics dealing with matter in motion. In terms of classroom interaction it can be Read more about Classroom dynamics[…]


Pre Primary Teacher Training feels that an organised social group may have a definitive structure. There is a hierarchy of a positions and roles. The more organised the group, the greater is its degree of structure. Hence, the crowd being an unorganised group has no structure, but the family and the community being more organised, have Read more about CHARACTERISTICS OF A SOCIAL GROUP STRUCTURE[…]

Causes of Forgetfulness

Forgetting means failure at any time to recall an experience when attempting to do so or to perform an action previously learned. Forgetting is failing to retain or able to recall what has been acquired —James Dreyeunnr. Forgetting not bad as already discussed we come across various kinds of experiences every day. In fact every Read more about Causes of Forgetfulness[…]

Approaches for fostering classroom dynamics

In this changing situation a teacher is not able to rally and control ‘the forces that produce activity’ to bring about the desired change of behaviour by the use of the old literature, exposition or demonstration methods. To maintain appropriate classroom dynamics new methods of teachings or rather new methods of causing learning and managing Read more about Approaches for fostering classroom dynamics[…]


According to Montessori Training, the feelings of the children are taken into consideration in organising work, study groups and play groups among the children of the class. One simple sociometric method of estimating the child’s likes and dislikes and feelings about his classmates is illustrated here. Let us take a hypothetical cause of a class Read more about A SOCIOGRAM[…]

Disability Community of Crisis Intervention

Violence may be defined differently for many people with disabilities. An example given by Teacher Training Distance Learning, the withholding of a wheelchair, thus forcing a person to slide along the floor, might be considered an act of violence. Hi that regard, it is important to note that many acts of criminal violence committed against Read more about Disability Community of Crisis Intervention[…]

Crime Victims with Disabilities

Most issues that confront crime victims with disabilities are issues that affect all crime victims. They include underreporting of crimes; a lack of responsiveness from law or prosecutors based on a perceived lack of credibility on the part of the victim; repeated victimization; lack of effective, appropriate services, physical or social isolation of the victim; Read more about Crime Victims with Disabilities[…]