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Important Principles of School Management and Administration

Principle of Sharing Responsibilities A democratic manager and administrator acts upon the principle of sharing responsibilities. He does not himself usurp all powers but shares, control and responsibilities not only with his colleagues but also with the students. He does not make the mistake of thinking that he is born to rule. He delegates some Read more about Important Principles of School Management and Administration[…]

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Importance of English in Multi – lingual Society

Language is god’s special gift to man, Language is a means of communication. The verbal interaction among people is possible due to language. As the birds chirp & twitter, Lions roar, cat mew the human use words because humans are gifted with speech as they have developed language. Language is the result of evolution. According Read more about Importance of English in Multi – lingual Society[…]


Implications of learning curve

Knowledge of a learning curve is useful to both the learner as well as the teacher. Maximum learning can be ensured during the period of rapid progress. In case a learner shows an unduly long period of slow progress, it may be possible that he is a disadvantaged learner. Appropriate remedial action may be employed. Read more about Implications of learning curve[…]

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General Considerations Underlying Time-Table Construction

Type of School: The type of school i.e. a boy’s school –Or girl’s school, urban or rural, infant school or school for girls, public or ordinary, will determine the nature of activities of the school and accordingly time-table will be framed. The double shift will call for shortening the duration of the school hours. Similarly, Read more about General Considerations Underlying Time-Table Construction[…]

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Functions of Computer in Teaching Learning Process

The most effective device for presenting an instructional programme is the computer. With its speed, accuracy and storage capacity it can be made to handle a learning programme of any degree of complexity. The only limits to the branching it can accommodate are set the ingenuity of the programme writer. Again, a computer can respond Read more about Functions of Computer in Teaching Learning Process[…]


Forms of Punishment

Punishment is an animal tendency. It has no connection with human values. Children are very tender by nature. They become timid from the fear of punishment. The children become stubborn through punishment. Sometimes from fear of punishment students leave educational institutions. According to Early Childhood Care Education, punishment cannot inculcate love for discipline. It should Read more about Forms of Punishment[…]


Educational implications in developing critical thinking

  Using thought provoking questions when teaching. Always ask for reasons to support the answer. Critical thinking can be encouraged through experiments. Ask pupils to perform experiments and search for answers to what they observe Assignments should involve critical thinking. Open book assignments, project work help to think critically. In languages critical appreciation of poems, Read more about Educational implications in developing critical thinking[…]


Educational Functions of Guidance at the Elementary and Middle School Stages

Guidance in Schools’ (1978), a publication of NCERT has explained the role of guidance at this stage in these words. “Nothing gives a better realization of the close relationship between education and guidance than a study of its functions at the elementary stage. According to Teacher Education Training, Educationists from time immemorial have emphasized the Read more about Educational Functions of Guidance at the Elementary and Middle School Stages[…]


Display of the Career Information Material

In order to make the career information centre attractive and more useful the career master should also arrange for a proper display of the career material in hand. Posters, charts, leaflets, monographs, newsletters, notifications of jobs and training courses, advertisements of scholarships etc, have got to be displayed if they have to serve their purpose Read more about Display of the Career Information Material[…]


Discussion Method

According to the modern educational thought a child is not considered as a passive listener but the emphasis is given to make him active in the process of learning. A knowledge which is gained by doing is always permanent. Different teaching methods are used to make the child active. Discussion method is also one of Read more about Discussion Method[…]