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Questioning is one of the important strategies of teaching. The success of teaching to a great extent depends upon the skill or art with which we put questions. According to Thing, “Teaching means skilful questioning to force the mind to see, to arrange, to act.” Parker says, “Questioning is the key to all educative activity.” Read more about Questioning[…]


Projects of Action Research

With a view to provide a new outlook in the field of education, action research is of much importance Indian educational institutions, which are guided by traditions and customs, can derive much advantage through, action research. In view of the present state of education, it is very necessary to make action research a part of Read more about Projects of Action Research[…]

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Programme to improve Teachers Mental Health

Mental Health – One of the most important aims of education is to help the individuals in making adjustment with the changing. It is mental hygiene which helps in having integrated & balanced personality & hence assists the individual in making adjustment. Mental Hygiene is a science which deals with the process of attaining mental Read more about Programme to improve Teachers Mental Health[…]


Principles and Maxims of Language Learning

The maxims of Method: The first word in the maxims of method is proceed; for example, proceed from Particular to General. It means that the teacher should not allow the child to remain concerned with one thing that occurs first in the maxim. He should lead or guide him to go on to the second Read more about Principles and Maxims of Language Learning[…]

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Practical Suggestions for assigning Home Task

According to Online Teacher Training the framing of the time-table is perhaps the most difficult and vexed job of school administration because it depends upon a number of factors, conditions or principles. We have to keep in mind the type of the school, the aims and objectives of the school, the nature of various activities Read more about Practical Suggestions for assigning Home Task[…]

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Parameters of a system

Let us take the example of designing a one year B.Ed. programme by applying the Systems Approach to it. I) INPUT A) Formulation of objectives of the B.Ed programme keeping with the goals of NPE in mind. B) Pre assessment of entry behaviour assessing initial performance by suitable tests of the students who wish to Read more about Parameters of a system[…]


Organizational Climate

Norris Haynes “Organizational Climate is the sum total of a dynamic interaction among the psycho social, academic and physical dimensions of the school environment.” G. Miskel Organisational Climate is the result of inter personal behaviour, attitude, perceptions and values of the individuals who are working in the organization.” Halpin “Climate is to an organization what Read more about Organizational Climate[…]


Organizational Climate and Other Variables

A number of researches have been conducted by early childhood care and education to find out how organizational climate is related to other variables, factors and conditions such as leadership, institutional ideologies, and student and teacher characteristics. Farinola in a study found significant relationship between belief systems (open-mindedness) of the chief negotiators for teachers and Read more about Organizational Climate and Other Variables[…]


Organisational Culture and its Dimension

Introduction: The organisational culture is an organisations’ personality. The culture of an organization distinguishes it from others and shapes the actions of its members. “Culture is the soul of the organization, the belief and values and how they are manifested. I think of the structure as the skeleton and as the flesh and blood. And Read more about Organisational Culture and its Dimension[…]

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National Council of Educational Research & Training

National Council of Educational Research & Training (NCERT) NCERT was established as an autonomous body by the Government of India. The Union Minister for HRD is the is the chairman and all the Ministers of Education in the States and Union Territories are members, UGC chairman and four nominated vice-chancellors of the universities and nominees Read more about National Council of Educational Research & Training[…]