Teacher Training Diploma India


Teacher Training has already discussed earlier the fundamental processes of sensation and perception through which we acquire the knowledge of the world. Besides these processes, there is another important process namely image formation and imagining. Imagination may be defined conveniently as mental manipulation. This process involves the recall of past experiences in the form of Read more about Imagination[…]

Objectives and Scope of Counselling

Counselling involves a relationship between a professionally trained, competent counsellor and an individual seeking help. The main objectives as per the educators of NTT Nursery Teacher Training Course of counselling are as follows: Achievement of Positive Mental Health: An individual is said to mental when he is able to relate have positive meaningfully with others and Read more about Objectives and Scope of Counselling[…]


Thinking is one of the important aspects of teaching-learning process. A child’s ability to learn and solve the problems depends upon his ability to think correctly. It helps him in adjustment and is necessary to successful living. The men, who can think distinctly, consecutively and carefully can only contribute something worthwhile to the society. But Read more about TRAINING IN THINKING (HOW TO THINK CORRECTLY)[…]

Different Kinds of Interview

An interview is a conversation with a purpose. There are different kinds of interviews. Interview situation should offer a good listening by one who has greater experiences and training. According to Early Childhood Care and Education the counsellor should feel the need of interview and counselling’s. They are as follows: An Employment Interview: Its purpose Read more about Different Kinds of Interview[…]

Case-Study helps the Counsellor to assess student

The case study method was originally used in medicine to examine the patient’s previous development his health and physical state from the beginning and many other factors in the past, besides making a case study of the patient’s present condition and symptoms. “Case history includes the past history of an individual as well as his Read more about Case-Study helps the Counsellor to assess student[…]

Anecdotal Record

An anecdotal record is the result of observation the use behaviour of the student in a particular situation. It understands of student because the teacher may forget down to observe? What to observe? A pre-Performa is supplied to each teacher to note down student observation. It contains date, place, incident and remarks on the Performa Read more about Anecdotal Record[…]

Types of Standardised Techniques Tests

According to Early Childhood Diploma there are four types of standardised test. These include achievement interest, aptitude and personality testing. Aptitude Tests: Aptitude test measures the potential of one to achieve in a given activity or to learn to achieve in that activity. Aptitude test may be potentially used by counsellor and others because: (a) Read more about Types of Standardised Techniques Tests[…]

Types of learning curves

Definition of ‘Learning Curve’ A concept that describes how new skills or knowledge can be quickly acquired initially, but subsequent learning becomes much slower. At first, a minimal investment of resources yields significant results, but the payback from continuing effort is smaller. According to Montessori teacher training the concept of a learning curve is important Read more about Types of learning curves[…]

Techniques of Guidance

The aim of all guidance is to assist the learner to acquire sufficient understanding of himself herself of his environment to be able to utilise most intelligently the educational trained opportunity afforded by the school and community. Children come into world genetically endowed with all their human potential for growing, developing and learning. A child’s Read more about Techniques of Guidance[…]