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National Council of Educational Research & Training

National Council of Educational Research & Training (NCERT) NCERT was established as an autonomous body by the Government of India. The Union Minister for HRD is the is the chairman and all the Ministers of Education in the States and Union Territories are members, UGC chairman and four nominated vice-chancellors of the universities and nominees Read more about National Council of Educational Research & Training[…]


National Council for Rural Higher Education

This council came into being in 1956 on the recommendation of the “Shri Mali Committee”. It was established as specialised institutions with the specific purpose of advising the central and state governments in the matter of extension and development of rural education. It also makes recommendations in the matter of granting aid to institutions participating Read more about National Council for Rural Higher Education[…]


National Integration

It denotes a body of people who have a feeling of oneness, built on the basis of common history, society, culture and values. This feeling of oneness binds the people together into a nation is known as national integration. According to Montessori Courses national integration is the awareness of a common identity amongst the citizens Read more about National Integration[…]


Limitations of Dramatization

  Lack of Knowledge in the Art of Dramatization – Dramatization requires some technical knowledge. Every teacher does not possess it. This technique should, therefore, be employed only by those who have some knowledge about it, Children have potentiality to act. They can imitate the actions when they see a play. Therefore they can perform Read more about Limitations of Dramatization[…]


Library Reading

Library Reading and Supplementary Reading serve almost similar purpose. They are akin to each other. Library Reading encourages extensive reading. All book-lovers are regular visitors to libraries. Library Reading needs no supervision. It is purely independent reading. It is for the sake of enjoyment. It does enhance knowledge. Library Reading provides a lot of information. Read more about Library Reading[…]

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International Understanding

Historically, India has believed in the philosophy of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, which means that the Planet Earth is a single living entity and all forms of life are an interlocking extended family. This philosophy coupled with concern for living a peaceful existence has informed the thinking of the Indian society. Education for international understanding can be Read more about International Understanding[…]


Institutional Differences in Organizational Climate

This has been established beyond doubt that institutions differ from one another with respect to their organizational climates. Just as differences are found among individuals with respect to personality qualities differences are found to exist among organisations and institutions with respect to their climates. Studies of organizations and institutions have clearly demonstrated this fact. Hence, Read more about Institutional Differences in Organizational Climate[…]


Information Processing Model

The Atkinson-Shiffrin model referred to as the multi-store model or multi-memory model is a psychological model that explains the structure of memory. Main aspects of the Model: Information enters the human information processing system via a variety of channels associated with the different senses. Information not immediately attended to is held briefly in a very Read more about Information Processing Model[…]

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Important Principles of School Management and Administration

Principle of Sharing Responsibilities A democratic manager and administrator acts upon the principle of sharing responsibilities. He does not himself usurp all powers but shares, control and responsibilities not only with his colleagues but also with the students. He does not make the mistake of thinking that he is born to rule. He delegates some Read more about Important Principles of School Management and Administration[…]

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Importance of English in Multi – lingual Society

Language is god’s special gift to man, Language is a means of communication. The verbal interaction among people is possible due to language. As the birds chirp & twitter, Lions roar, cat mew the human use words because humans are gifted with speech as they have developed language. Language is the result of evolution. According Read more about Importance of English in Multi – lingual Society[…]