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Various measures which can be taken in schools for the proper of children

1) School environment: Ravindranath had stated that school should be like home. School environment plays an important role in the development of the positive environment. The school environment should be free from caste, creed or religious feeling. It should provide feelings of security to each & every student irrespective of their religion or socio-economic conditions. Read more about Various measures which can be taken in schools for the proper of children[…]

Time-Table in Single or Double Teacher School

The construction of time-table for a single or double teacher school presents special difficulties. In that case one teacher has to teach two, three or even four classes at the same time-and in the same room. The difficulties increase in proportion to the number of classes a teacher has to engage at a time. But Read more about Time-Table in Single or Double Teacher School[…]

The Role of the Counsellor in the Education of the Talented

The role of the counsellor in the promotion of talent can be important. The counsellor with his detailed knowledge in each talented student is in a unique potion to formulate a programme of enrichment for him and to suggest the necessary modifications in curricular and extra-curricular requirements. Where special counsellors are not available, this task Read more about The Role of the Counsellor in the Education of the Talented[…]

The Concept and Factors of Learning

Meaning, Definitions & Characteristics Meaning of Learning: Learning, in psychology, is the process by which a relatively lasting change in potential behaviour occurs as a result of practice or experience. Learning is distinguished from behavioural changes arising from such processes as maturation and illness, but does apply to motor skills, such as driving a car, Read more about The Concept and Factors of Learning[…]

The All India Council for Secondary Education

All India Council for Secondary Education: This council was established in 1955 for the specific purpose of providing a specialised institution for the development of secondary education in the country. The number of these members was 22 and its chairperson was the Educational Adviser of the government of India. At that time this council was Read more about The All India Council for Secondary Education[…]

Teaching of English Grammar

English grammar as it came down to us was mostly based on Latin, Greek and Sanskrit; all these classical languages were studied and analysed in great detail by scholars. English Grammar consisted of elaborate rules, definitions and exceptions about the structure of the language. It dealt mainly with the physical form of words, word endings, Read more about Teaching of English Grammar[…]

Story-Telling Method

Telling a story, talking, making a speech is all included in story-telling method because in all these voice is used. In lower classes telling story is the best way of teaching. Even Plato has considered this method fruitful and appropriate for small children. Children by nature are story-loving. Their many naturalistic tendencies are developed in Read more about Story-Telling Method[…]

Steps or Process of learning

  Motivation: All learning is a response to some sort of stimulus. An individual experiences, drive to satisfy a need and hence moves in a particular direction. Learning will depend upon the strength of the motives. An example given by Nursery Teacher Training: A person wants to lean a new language as it will improve Read more about Steps or Process of learning[…]

Steps for Checking the Growing Indiscipline among the Students

Measures for Restoring Lost Leadership of Teachers The salaries of the teachers must be raised to ameliorate their economic lot. High salaries are bound to attract right type of persons to the teaching profession. The social status of the teachers should be raised. Refresher courses and seminars should be organised to enable them to know Read more about Steps for Checking the Growing Indiscipline among the Students[…]

Skills of Narration

Narration Narration is an intellectual activity; in teaching there are certain concepts, ideas or phenomenon which needs further clarification in a more detailed way. Knowledge of skill of narration is very important for a teacher so that he can narrate the ideas in a very systematic and meaningful manner. In subjects like history, literature, civics, Read more about Skills of Narration[…]